Charleen Wolf
team of the CW Group and take over the management of the rentals department. We are delighted

Katharina Rosenberger Executive
wast LA and directors, Abdolreza Aminlari, Desirée Meiser, the Sovak-Antretter family, the UCSD Department of Music, Björn Glaus, Ernesto Klar

Klaus Rahe
early 2014. Klaus Rahe Director Creative Services Klaus Rahe heads our Creative Services department, supervising all the creative work we do for our customers

Benjamin Rupprechter
Benjamin Rupprechter Benjamin Rupprechter worked as Scientific Researcher at Collegium Helveticum and the Department of Music of ZH d K for the FSP-Interpretation . He implemented algorithms and graphical user

Noreen Cesareo
address Michael and Sandra are working on a communication plan for 3.9/3.10 Events Department Carlos had a meeting with Jill Binder

David Jones
Hörer in die Hand. Es meldet sich ein gewisser David Jones vom IT-Department von Microsoft. Er behauptet, der Computer des Rentners sei von einem Virusbefallen. Der 74-Jährige wird

Hélène Auclaire
Head of Film Department: Hélène Auclaire In charge of short films | film department : Julie Marnay

Philipp Zürcher
since 1972. This culminated in his position in 1998 as head of the global department

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