Timothy Taylor
Suisse (Project Room), Paris, France Two Feet in One Shoe, Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art, London, UK 2006 Infected Eye, curated by Joep van Liefland, Autocenter, Berlin, Germany Comic

Art Moderne
booth shared with M F Toninelli Art Moderne. Spanning 16th century engravings to contemporary screen prints, works on paper by major artists, including Albrecht Dürer

Ria Formosa
superb contemporary home is located in a natural reserve next to the Ria Formosa and paddles away from the beach. 5 golf courses nearby including the famous Monterei voted

Lara Favaretto
Thinking Head by Lara Favaretto Nottingham Contemporary 2017 Clouds rise from the roof of Nottingham Contemporary. On some days these clouds will be intense; on others, barely visible. Completely uncontrolled

Sam Samore
Booklet #5 – Love, Death, Beauty, 2002 The Windsor Collection of Contemporary Photography Photos: Sam Samore Booklet #4 – Terry Richardson, 2002 The Windsor Collection of Contemporary Photography Photos

Andi Pupato
instrumental album SHORELINE Mich Gerber: double bass, Andi Pupato: perc, drums. www.michgerber.ch. File under: contemporary

Beat Man
established imprint, Voodoo Rhythm Records (120 catalog titles). Live, his performance borders on contemporary vaudeville with a demented, storytelling preacher

Gary Usher
Gary Usher!!) A Contemporary Folk Music Journey (Elektra) EX / M- U.S. 1972 65.00 (orig. U.S. butterfly-label print in nice FOC; top-level major-label Folk-(Rock) gem that stands

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